Eden Glen Attractions and Distance Calculations
Eden Glen is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Eden Glen
Direct Distance from Eden Glen to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1276 Km
Direct Distance from Eden Glen to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 500 Km
Direct Distance from Eden Glen to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 906 Km
Direct Distance from Eden Glen to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 383 Km
Direct Distance from Eden Glen to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 291 Km
Direct Distance from Eden Glen to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 444 Km
Direct Distance from Eden Glen to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 279 Km
Roads Near Eden Glen
Roads / Streets in Eden GlenRoad Length
Amanda Road 621m
Arend Road 069m
Barbara Street 275m
Barbet Street 087m
Betschana Road 877m
Botha Road 016m
Bredell Street 326m
Brenda Street 202m
Bruwer Street 29m
Central Avenue 1.108Km
Collins Street 244m
Danie Theron Road 305m
Du Plessis Street 436m
Edendale Road 614m
Edendale Road East 1.177Km
Ehlers Street 162m
Elize Road 603m
Emma Street 337m
Erasmus Road 1.373Km
Ferero Street 1.002Km
Fountain Road 1.106Km
Fox Street 075m
Francois 144m
George Fajans Road 374m
Gertzen Avenue 258m
Granville Road 347m
Greeff Street 381m
Groenewald Road 294m
Harris Avenue 651m
Heidenrich 291m
Holtzhausen Street 29m
Ingwe Road 1.057Km
Janet Avenue 086m
Jansen Street 083m
Jones Avenue 083m
Keymer Road 147m
Le Roux Street 23m
Lindeque Avenue 091m
Lopis Avenue 014m
Lopis Place 153m
Roads / Streets in Eden GlenRoad Length
Main Road 2.568Km
Marcal Crescent 606m
Mare Crescent 172m
Marret Avenue 176m
Mopedi Road 1.435Km
Mpande Road 469m
Mulder Avenue 182m
Paul Avenue 161m
Paul Kruger Street 601m
Philip Medalie Street 245m
Pieterse Avenue 214m
Republic Road 262m
Robin Road 233m
Rose Avenue 089m
Sadie Street 243m
Sandpiper Street 084m
Short Road 204m
slipway 05m
Smith Avenue 1.032Km
Surveyor Street 394m
Terrace Road 724m
Tim Avenue 111m
Tsaka Road 295m
Van Den Bos Avenue 418m
Van Der Walt Road 499m
Van Deventer Avenue 151m
Venda Road 42m
Viljoen Street 483m
Vincent Avenue 532m
Wagenaar Road 111m
Wes Street 168m
Willow Road 315m
Wolmarans Street 325m
Wynand Avenue 18m
Yaron Avenue 231m
Zandra Place 06m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Eden Glen and their distance from Eden Glen
Archaeological Sites in Eden Glen
Edenvale Cemetary +- 1.831Km
Bars in Eden Glen
Rockabillys +- 832m
Cafes in Eden Glen
News Cafe(Closed) +- 1.151Km
Chemists in Eden Glen
Baker Street Pharmacy +- 1.064Km
Hospitals in Eden Glen
Medicross +- 1.710Km
Petrol Stations in Eden Glen
Engen +- 616mZennex +- 684mEngen +- 903mCaltex +- 906m
Caltex KaraGlen +- 1.103KmEngen +- 1.483KmTotal +- 1.689KmEngen +- 1.795Km
Picnic Areas in Eden Glen
Horwoods farm +- 1.587Km
Post Offices in Eden Glen
Postnet +- 832m
Pubs in Eden Glen
The Brazen Head +- 813m
Recycling Depots in Eden Glen
Little Eden +- 815mSPCA +- 1.434Km
Restaurants in Eden Glen
Durban Curry +- 813mSaenggha +- 813mSpur +- 1.483KmAdega do Monge +- 1.587Km
Schools in Eden Glen
Edenglen Primary School +- 624mEdenglen High School +- 673mLittle Eden +- 920mEastleigh Primary +- 1.446Km
Swimming Pools in Eden Glen
Virgin Active +- 1.151KmEdenvale Swimming Baths +- 1.682Km
Take Aways in Eden Glen
Burger Attack +- 679mMore Than Just Chicken +- 722mPizza Perfect +- 832mNandos +- 832m
Burger Perfect +- 832m
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